An HRIS (Human Resource Information System) is a type of HR software that enables the management of several HR functions through the use of information technology.


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HRIS Features

Human Resource Management (HRM, or simply HR) is a function in every organization which is designed to increase employee performance in aligning with employer's strategic objectives. HR is primarily focused on how people are managed within organizations, focusing on systems and policies. HR involves the following sub-functions:

Recruitment / On boarding

Employee Information Management

Leave Policy and Transaction Management

Tracking Time and Attendance

Payroll Processing and Salary Disbursement

Statutory Compliance

MIS Reports

Performance Appraisal and Promotions

Human Resource Management System

HRIS Software saves you from all the manual efforts and makes organizations' employee data easily accessible with just a click. With HRIS, employees can easily access and update their personal data. HR management software offers the ultimate solution, like Employee desk and Employee self-service, for employee satisfaction.

HRIS software comes with integrated attendance management, leave management and payroll management system features.

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    • Capture all necessary employee information ranging from personal to work details at a centralized location.
    • Easy tools to carry out various employee life cycle activities, such as recruitment, confirmation, promotion, transfer, resignation, etc. and maintain complete work history.
    • Manage Know Your Employee (KYE) information by: Storing various employee identity information Tracking verified status (Aadhaar verified, PAN verified, etc.) Using the Data Drive feature to collect identity data online
    • Paperless On boarding Process : Switch to a streamlined online process instead of dealing with piles of paperwork. Employees can now self on board themselves with minimum HR intervention.
    • Integrated Document Management : Integrated document upload facility for educational certificates, ID proofs, etc. Uploaded documents automatically show up in Employee Documents on approval.
    • Alert Management System : System automatically sends alerts and reminders at different events like joining, transfer, leave approvals etc.
    • HR reports and Dash board : Various reports and dash boards to track and get insights about all the employees.

Payroll Management System

HRIS - Payroll Management system helps organization for hassle-free/stress-free month ends and salaries on time. Additionally, get 100 % statutory compliance without lifting your finger.HRIS - Payroll is one application that tackles all aspects of the payroll process such as processing salaries on time, avoiding tiring & error-prone manual calculations, and adheres to all statutory compliances.

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    • Process payroll with a single click : After you’ve configured and implemented HRIS as per your needs, a click is all that you need to process employee salaries.
    • Compute accurate salaries automatically : On clicking Process Payroll, HRIS accurately and automatically computes salary for all employees including statutory deductions (PF/TDS), loan deductions, arrears, revisions, loss of pay, pro-rata salary, IT computation, etc.
    • Configure able complex salary structures : HRIS in-built payroll calculator offers flexibility to handle any type of salary structure. Define highly customizable salary structure specific to your needs, standards, specifications, or requirements and employee category.
    • Automated payroll inputs and pay slips : Send mass email salary slips or publish them to the Employee Self Service (ESS) portal for real-time access.
    • Generate statutory reports without any extra effort
    • Disburse salaries with ease : Payroll management software allows you to disburse salaries through any bank through multiple payment modes, such as integrated bank text files with one click.

Performance Appraisal Management System

Performance evaluation is a systematic activity which helps an organization to determine the extent to which employee is delivering aligned to business results. HRIS - PMS helps HR specialists design and implement the Performance Management system (PMS) and maintain the records. This function focuses on the processes of setting up goals for performance as individuals/teams and designing performance assessment methods.

  • HRIS - PAMS is used to monitor overall performance of employees.
  • Feedback and ratings generated through PAMS system may be used to provide yearly increment and appraisals to employees of oragnization.
  • HR functions that would have otherwise be chaotic and long-drawn become streamlined and lead to higher employee engagement and satisfaction levels after using PAMS system.

Grievance Redressal System

HRIS - GRS system acts as a redressal system to raise complaints, a preliminary fact finding inquiry is under taken to ascertain whether an offense / misconduct has been committed. Competent authority carefully analyzes all the facts and a committee is formed depending upon the gravity of grievance raised. If facts and findings prove involvement of any employee than appropriate action is taken against the same.

  • Facility to send reminder for pending grievance.
  • Facility to provide feedback on redress of grievance
  • Comprehensive categorization for identifying the grievance prone areas
  • View current status of grievance
  • Competent Authority has the facility to take action against grievance recieved.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is my username and password?

    Username is your unique employee ID in case you have already signed up. In case you have sighned up but employee id is not generated, username is your mobile number provided at the time of sighn up process. Similarly password is unique password provided at the time of sighn up process.

  • You can log in to HRIS® and make changes to your username and password on the Login section under change password details section.

  • OTP is one time password that user will recieve on the mobile number and email provided at the time of sign up